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Bottled Boobs was started from the love for breastfeeding my third little one.  Breastfeeding is so special and most people have a misconception about it.  Normalizing breastfeeding will help new mommies be comfortable while giving their baby the best. 

Our aim is to help mommies with affordable products to help the breastfeeding process. 

Juanita Grové picture

Juanita Grové

The Bottled boobs🤣

My vision is to help every mommy have access to affordable, quality products to make the journey of Motherhood as amazing as possible. 

Motherhood is hard enough, expensive items should NOT be one of the things that makes it harder. 

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Johan Grové

Import and stock Manager

The rock of our family❤️

Supporting our breastfeeding journey

Excellent example for other fathers


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Our Family..

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